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How do I certify my testing laboratory?

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ISTA Lab Certification is a benefit of ISTA membership, so all Certified Labs must also be ISTA Members. ISTA certifies laboratories for all member classifications [Shipper, Carrier, Supplier and Testing (third-party labs)].

ISTA Lab Certification requires the completion and submission of a series of Equipment Verification Forms, Lab Technician List and Video. We also require current calibration documentation for all equipment and instrumentation. For those labs wishing to certify to the ISTA 3-Series (3A,3B, 3E) or 6-SAMSCLUB, we also require the submission of control plots from the vibration system to show that the required PSD's can be met.

ISTA offers the forms and video procedure on the
ISTA website.

Re-certification is required from each Certified Laboratory every two years, regardless of any changes to the equipment. A lab must also maintain membership with ISTA, in the form of payment of annual dues, to continue certification.

Once a lab submits their certification materials, and application iff applicable, processing takes approximately 7 business days. Submission can be done by sending the materials direct to ISTA Headquarters (address below) or by electronic submission using email, FTP or any number of file sharing programs available online.

Materials can be submitted to:
ISTA Headquarters
1400 Abbot Road, Suite 160
East Lansing MI 48823-1900 USA

Source: ISTA Staff


Jul 14, 2011 - 08:03 AM

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