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Status:Closed    Asked:Apr 24, 2012 - 05:43 AM

How does the total weight on top of the bottom box translate to burst strength?

3 layers on a pallet, 27 total boxes, 3x3x3. Total weight each including box is 43 lbs. Accordingly, we've selected a 200 lb burst strength box, RSC, single wall. How does the weight of 86 lbs pushing down on the bottom box translate to burst strength?

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Compression force being applied to the bottom of your pallet stack does not directly correlate to a mullen burst strength for yourcorrugated box. The MullenBurst Test is an industry benchmark for measuring the burst strength of paper,paperboard, non-wovens and textiles, but there is no direct correlation tostacking strength. Burst strength can be better correlated to acorrugated boxes ability to contain a product throughout handling.

In order to evaluate the performance of your current packaging I would recommend having it tested in an ISTA certified laboratory. The ISTA 1E test procedure is basic integrity test for unitized loads and canbe used to compare relative performance of your package and designalternatives. The ISTA 3E test procedure is a general simulation test forunitized loads and can be used to evaluate the protective performance of youpackaged-products related to vibrations, shocks and other stresses normallyencountered in during handling and transportation.

Source: A.J. Gruber - ISTA


Apr 24, 2012 - 05:42 AM

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