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If I have a product in many different sizes do I have to test each size to obtain packaged-product certification?

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Assuming the products meet certain conditions, then yes. The ISTA Technical Committee (now Testing Council) and Board of Directors approved a Product Line Extension Policy in April of 1998. This policy applies to ISTA Shipper members only.

This policy refers to a product line (products of the same kind) having essentially the same interior and exterior packaging system where the ONLY difference is the size of the product and packaging components.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to ISTA ( ; +1 517-333-3437).

*Determine how many different models make up the full product line. A minimum of forty percent (40%) of the packaged-product line's SKU's must actually be tested in accordance with the appropriate ISTA test procedure or project. The 40% tested should represent the largest, smallest and medium-sized units. All models, whether tested or not, must be listed on the test report form submitted to ISTA Headquarters per the ISTA Packaged-Product Certification Policy (click here for that policy). Therefore, testing certifies 40% of the packaged-product line and the remaining 60% will be certified by policy.

* Following certification, a detailed shipping record for the entire packged-product line must be maintained by the Shipper member for six (6) months. During this period, the number shipped and the number damaged in distribution must be recorded. At the end of six months this report must be submitted to ISTA Headquarters (

* There must be a minimum of 50 packages, for the entire product line, shipped during the six months so that a reasonable evaluation of the product line certification can be made by ISTA.

* If the damage levels indicate that the extension to the packaged-products that were NOT tested has proven to be valid then the certification for the packaged-product line will remain valid for the normal term of certification ( click here for details about re-testing). If any particular model shows damage levels that are considered by ISTA to be too excessive, that packaged-product may have to be tested or re-tested to maintain its certification.

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Jul 14, 2011 - 07:46 AM

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