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In ISTA 3E, will we must have to conduct the rotational edge drop test on the longest edges?

Recently we have a customer want to test procedure 3E, the unit load have a size 1280x950x2400mm, and it consisted of 16 boxes, the products are portable generator, them loaded on the pallet 4 pcs per layer and 4 layers in total, and the products were bound together by stretch film. At the rotational edge drop test, when tested the shortest edges, it's OK, but when test on the longest edge, the unit load tipped over. Now I wonder, in this case will we still have to conduct the rotational edge drop test on the longest edges? Can we conduct the test on both shortest edge? And finally, for the unit load above, how can we decide whether the center of gravity above the midpoint of the height or not?

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If the unit load has a length equal to or greater than twice the width and a center of gravity above the unit loads midpoint of height then you must repeat the previous step of dropping on the shortest face 3 edges. If your unit load has a line of symmetry , the center of gravity lies on ththat line. As an example, if you can think of your unit load as a solid block of uniform material, the center of gravity is simply at the average location of the physical dimensions.

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Oct 31, 2013 - 01:40 PM

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