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Status:Closed    Asked:Apr 24, 2012 - 06:52 AM

Is ISTA 2A more restricted than ISTA 3A? Which one is higher standard?


I want to know if ISTA 2A is more restricted than ISTA 3A or not. Which one is higher standard than the other?


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ISTA 2A is a 2-Series partial simulation performance test. 2-Series tests contain at least one element of 3-Series type General Simulation performance tests, such as atmospheric conditioning or mode-shaped random vibration and at least one element of a 1-Series type non-simulation integrity test.

ISTA 3A is a 3-Series general simulation performance test for parcel delivery system shipments of 150 lbs. or less. 3-Series tests are designed to provide a laboratory simulation of the damage-producing forces and conditions of transport environments. These tests are applicable across broad sets of circumstances, such as a variety of vehicle types and routes, or a varying number of handling exposures. Characteristics will include simple shaped random vibration, different drop heights applied to the sample package, and/or atmospheric conditioning such as tropical wet or winter/frozen.

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Source: A.J. Gruber - ISTA


Apr 24, 2012 - 06:52 AM

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To do drop test, which standard shall we refer to? ISTA 1A, ...
From ISTA 2A to 3A for furniture
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