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Is the ISTA Seal a standard requirement on all corrugated boxes? Will a corrugation supplier forgo the seal if ask

A representative from one of our customers is concerned that his suppliers are being required to have an ISTA seal on all corrugation purchased and used for packing items that will be sent to us (the distributor). His concern is that he is paying the additional cost of having the ISTA seal placed on the corrugated boxes when there may not abe a legal requirment to do so. He's okay with the testing itself. Please advise.

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No, the ISTA certification mark is not a standard requirement on all corrugated boxes and can only be used on packaged-products that have been certified for ISTA shipper members. Any company may test a package to an ISTA test procedure, but ONLY product manufacturers who are ISTA Shipper members receive Certification and, under a Manufacturers License Agreement, are eligible to print or affix the Transit Tested Certification Mark on their packaged-products.

Please contact ISTA headquarters for more information at 517.333.3437

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Sep 17, 2013 - 01:12 PM

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