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Status:Closed    Asked:Aug 28, 2013 - 07:44 AM

Is there a wavier for 2B face drops if the shipper solely uses FedEx white glove treatment?

I have a customer who wants to test to ISTA 2B, but due to the extremly sensitive product they would like to granted a waiver of the face drops/ side impacts. They use only FedEx and their white glove services as the products value is over $240,000.00. They want to meet the requirement but dont want to destroy a high value piece of equipment.

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ISTA Procedures and Projects do not allow test levels, times, etc. below the stated values, flexibility in the order of performance, nor the elimination of any tests. For packaged-product certification, deviations from test requirements are not permitted unless pre-authorized by ISTA in writing, and with the concurrence of all interested parties and stakeholders. Any such deviations, with ISTA authorization, must be thoroughly documented on the Test Report. ISTA Procedure 2B is a partial simulation test and is not intended to simulate a FedEx shipment in any form. ISTA would not provide certification for this testing if shock testing was not performed. I would recommend contacting your carrier directly to discuss package-performance expectations.

Overtests are permitted if desired. For example, certification to an ISTA test may be obtained if all requirements of that test were met and in addition, more or higher drops were conducted, the vibration test was run longer or at a higher level, the compression force used was greater, etc.

If the purpose of a test does not include ISTA Certification of the packaged-product, then ISTA has no official involvement or responsibility and therefore the test can be modified at the user's discretion. In such situations it is not necessary or desirable to send a Test Report to ISTA.

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Aug 28, 2013 - 07:43 AM

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