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Should I use VERY demanding test methods?

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Not unless your only or overriding concern is prevention of damage. For some products (extremely expensive, critical, dangerous, ec.) this might make sense, but for most products the objective is probably good overall balance. In other words, a good combination of low damage, low package cost, low distribution costs, low environmenal impact, etc.

If you use a very severe test you could be driving up packaging costs and size without any reasonable additional benefit. yes, some package may drop from 3 meters (for example), but the probablity is very, very, very low. If your test requires a 3 meter drop, that protection must be built into each and every package purchased and shipped. The same holds true for vibration, compression, atmospheric and other tests.

The goal is usually an effective balance between under-protection resulting in damage and over-protection resulting in excess cost and size. Realistic tests, perhaps with a reasonable "safety facotr" where appropriate, are typically the best tool for achieving this goal.

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Jul 07, 2011 - 08:07 AM

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