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What are Rule 41 and Item 222 in comparison to ISTA procedures?

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These are different requirements, serving different purposes.

Uniform Freight Classification (UFC) Rule 41 sets requirements for corrugated boxes used in rail shipment. The similar (but not identical) National Motor Frieght Classification (NMFC) Item 222 sets box requirements for common carrier motor freight shipment.

These requirements, shown on the boxmakers' certificate printed on the bottom of boxes, only specify board construction and/or material properties in relation to box size and gross weight limits. They represent minimums for handling and movement in the repsective modes, but don't necessarily address the issues of product damage and protection, nor do they apply to other means and modes of transport.

ISTA preshipment performance tests apply to packaged-products in general (not just to corrugated boxes), and evaluate or compare their ability to withstand various distribution environments. They are performance tests, with pass/fail criteria set by the product manufacturer/shipper.

There is no way to compare or correlate Rule 41 and Item 222 to ISTA preshipment performance tests.

Source: ISTA Staff


Jul 06, 2011 - 11:21 AM

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