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What are the features of the Member Center on the ISTA website?

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T he ISTA Member Center , available online exclusively to member representatives, has many resources:

ISTA Responsible Packaging by Design Guide: This guide was released in November, 2012, and is a step-by-step process management standard for the design, testing and qualification of responsible packaging that meets industry, consumer and regulatory expectations. It has been developed by industry leaders and vetted by companies, NGO’s and government experts. Primary Location Business members are given complimentary access to the Guide and all supplemental forms through the Delegate's Member Center account. Click here for full details on the RPbD Guide and how to gain access.

Test Series Groups: Members, by being part of a Test Series Group, can participate in the process of reviewing and updating current procedures and projects in the area of technical changes, as well as reviewing and approving proposals for new testing projects. This feature allows a member representative to sign up for one of three Test Series Groups (1-, 2- and/or 3-Series).

View and Edit User Profile: This feature allows a member to quickly review the contact and member information we currently have on file. You can also edit your profile details and change the account password using this feature.

Pay Member Dues: Easily keep your membership in good standing. ISTA invoices for dues every November for the following year, and those invoices are made payable by January 31. Use this feature to review and print your invoice, then use your credit card to easily pay for dues. A sales receipt will be forwarded to you shortly after your payment is processed.

Order History: Keep track of any orders you place through the ISTA E-Market. This feature gives you a handy table that tracks any orders you have placed using the E-Market, including order number, date placed and the total order cost.

Download Test Procedures:
Members can keep up-to-date with the most current versions of ISTA procedures and projects. All procedures are available in PDF format for download at no additional charge.

Download Test Report Forms: Certified Labs are strongly encouraged to submit a test report form for each ISTA test performed in their laboratory. ISTA offers these easy to use Word formatted test report form templates for current ISTA procedures and projects that can be submitted to ISTA Headquarters for procesing.

Project 4AB Test Planner: All ISTA members have access to ISTA Project 4AB - an online test plan generator. Use this feature to access the program and create your own test plan based on a wide range of known variables. 4AB is a great program to use for those packaged-products which don't fi tinto the traditional ISTA procedure or project line-up.

CPLP Program: Register online for the Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional program. The Member Center is also the place to go if you are already registered - take the exam online or review the study materials, which are available even after the exam is completed.

CTP Program: Register online for the Certified Thermal Professional program, then review the study materials and take the exam for Levels 1 and 2.

Member Search: Search the database of current ISTA member companies and Certified Labs. Also includes a search-by-name feature to find individuals.

Download ISTA Member Logos: ISTA has special logos for use exclusively by members, called "collective marks". Select a Certified Lab logo or the Member version. Usage guidelines are also included.

Request an ISTA Member Certificate: Use this feature to request a PDF copy of a member certificate for your ISTA membership. One will be generated and emailed to you after your request is processed.

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