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Status:Closed    Asked:Apr 12, 2012 - 07:11 AM

What is the key difference between Test 2A and 3A? - both are for packages less than 150 lbs

Trying to decide whether Test 2A or 3A is best for our project

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ISTA 2A is considered a "partial simulation" test meaning it combines basic test elements of ISTA 1-Series (Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Testing) and advanced elements from ISTA 3-Series (General Simulation Performance Testing). The 2A test is intended to challenge the capability of the package and product to withstand transport hazards, but will only simulate some actual transport hazards. The basic requirements of 2A are atmospheric, compression, fixed displacement or random vibration, and shock testing.

ISTA 3A is a "general simulation" test of a parcel delivery system shipment. The 3A test is intended to challenge the cpability of the package and product by utilizing a general simulation of actual transport hazards. ISTA 3-series tests are advanced tests. The basic requirements of 3A are atmospheric, shock and random vibration (with & without top loads).

Source: A.J. Gruber - ISTA


Apr 12, 2012 - 07:28 AM

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Specifications for 3A Test, proper cushioning requirements?
To do drop test, which standard shall we refer to? ISTA 1A, ...
Hii, i just wonder if ISTA 3A cover for example ISTA 2A? or ...
From ISTA 2A to 3A for furniture
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