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What programs does ISTA offer for professional development?

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The ISTA® Certified Packaging Laboratory Professional program (CPLP) offers three levels of individual certification for the packaging professional:

• Technician: covers basic laboratory operations, procedures & protocols, and conduct of the essential ISTA shock/drop/impact, vibration, compression, and atmospheric tests. A minimum of 6 months employment in the industry is required, or a packaging or related engineering degree.

• Technologist: encompasses advanced procedures & protocols including those from other organizations, random vibration, dynamic material testing, instrumentation, and enhanced simulation (ISTA 4AB). Prerequisites are Technician-level certification and a minimum of 1 year employment in the industry (or a packaging or related engineering degree).

• Professional: is the elite status, the highest attainable certification level in the CPLP program, and is based on a résumé of industry participation and achievements. Weighted recognition of employment in packaging, attendance at educational packaging events, other related continuing education, advanced packaging or related degrees, published papers/articles, presentations, teaching, participation in technical societies and packaging organizations, honors/awards, patents, etc. comprise the requirements. Prerequisites are both Technician and Technologist CPLP certifications and a minimum of 3 years employment in the industry. Certification is based on a résumé in the above categories and is scored on a numerical basis. A minimum score of 320 is required for CPLP Professional certification.

Full details relating to the CPLP Program,including program contents and fees, are available on the ISTA website .

The ISTA® Certified Thermal Professional program (CTP) offers two levels of individual certification forthe packaging professional:

Certified ThermalProfessional (CTP) – LEVEL I
A CTP Level I individual is a lab technician with demonstrated competence to perform Standard 20 testing procedures under the direction of a CTP II. CTP I personnel know and understand the basics of document preparation (including reporting of exceptions), basic numeric procedures for completion of forms, and a general understanding of authorities and signatures required for attesting to document completion.

Certified ThermalProfessional (CTP) – LEVEL II

A CTP II certified thermal professional has a comprehensive working knowledge of all of the documents contained in Standard 20, and is capable of running a lab performing the tests specified by Standard 20. CTP II personnel understand the entire process from design to final certification of an insulated shipping container (ISC). They are capable of creating compliant, accurate and properly attested documentary packages.

CTP II personnel have exhibited a conceptual grasp of laboratory procedures that are relevant to Standard 20 protocols and are competent to maintain a laboratory to certification standards set forth by ISTA.

Full details relating to the CTP Program, including program contents and fees, are available on the ISTA website .

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What educational programs does ISTA offer?
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