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What are the rules for using the ISTA Certification Mark?

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The ISTA ® Transit Tested Certification Mark on a package is visible proof that the packaged-product has passed a valid ISTA preshipment test. It gives the highest lvel of credibility to the design, test and packaged-prodict performance verification process.

For legal and management reasons, ISTA only offers this certification service when certain conditions have been met (see our certification policy, below). ISTA cannot stand behind use of the Mark unless it has the appropriate control and oversight of all portions of the process. As the Mark is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office, it is especially important to maintain the proper use of it by our members.

Due to the way our procedures and projects are written, taking into account both the package and the product, ISTA does NOT certify packages for a packaging or services supplier. The ISTA Certification Mark is a benefit for the Shipper (product manufacturer) member only.

In order for a package to be printed or labeled with the ISTA Transit Tested Certification Mark, or to make claims of ISTA packaged-product certification, the following conditions must be met:

* The product manufacturer/brand owner must be a Shipper member of ISTA in good-standing and with a valid License Agreement on file.

* The packaged-product must be tested in an ISTA Certified Lab (the lab must be in good-standing and current with their lab certification).

* The testing must comply fully with all minimum requirements of a current ISTA test procedure or project (exceeding minimums is acceptbale but other modifications are not).

* All samples that are tested must pass all test methods as written.

* The results of testing must be submitted to ISTA Headquarters for review and processing (ISTA members can download test report form templates from the ISTA Member Center ).

* The report form must pass review and be approved by ISTA Headquarters. >>Certification comes from ISTA, not the laboratory.<<

* The Shipper (product manufacturer) must sign a License Agreement to use the Transit Tested Certification Mark, and will be assigned a Manufacturer's License Number to be used in conjunction with the Mark.

* Once all conditions have been met, the Mark, with Manufacturer's License Number, may then be placed on the packaged-product.

ISTA Headquarters not only reviews test reports for completeness and accuracy, but retains it and the rsultant Certification information on file for a minimum of 5 years for Shipper members. This third-party oversight and records-retention provides maximum credibility of results in the event of subsequent disputes or negotiations.

There is no additional charge beyond member dues for ISTA certification services.

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Jul 13, 2011 - 11:11 AM

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