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What are the different types of ISTA memberships available?

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ISTA has several types of membership and, within those types, several member classifications:

Member TYPES include:
Primary Location: designated when a company initially joins ISTA (can be changed at any time). The Primary Location is the location of the Delegate or principle contact between ISTA and the company. 2 representatives should be assigned for communication purposes, a Delegate and Alternate. Each Primary Location has one vote in regards to association business.

>> Member dues for a Primary Location without a lab are $600 annually

>> Member dues for a Primary Location with a lab are based on the lab’s procedure and project capability :

1-Series, and/or 2D and 2E only; or 7D only: $800 annually

1- and 2-Series (any combination): $850 annually

1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-Series (any combination): $900 annually

Other TYPES:
Additional Location: designated for Shipper members, this allows a company to ship packaged-products from a location other than the Primary Location, as well as use the ISTA Certification Mark on their tested packaged-products. One representative should be assigned for communication purposes.

>> Member dues for an Additional Location are $100 annually.

Associates: Any individual who is employed by an existing ISTA Primary Location member may join as an Associate. Associate does not need to be at the same location as the Primary Location.

>> Member dues for an Associate are $100 annually.

Individuals: Any person who provides consulting or other services to the industry, but who will not use the Certification Mark or certify a lab.

>> Member dues for an Individual are $150 annually.

Students: Individuals enrolled in an accredited university with an existing ISTA membership. Students at non-member universities are also welcome.

>> Member dues for a Student at an existing member university are $10 annually.
>> Member dues for a Student at a non-member university are $30 annually.

Member CLASSIFICATIONS include: (These classifications are specific to Primary Locations)
Shipper: Any organization who manufactures products and enters goods into physical distribution or commerce. Shipper members are allowed to use the ISTA Certification Mark with a valid License Agreement on file. Shipper members may also certify an in-house laboratory.

Carrier: Any organization primarily engaged in the transportation or distribution of goods in commerce. Carrier members may certify a lab.

Supplier: Any organization in the supply of materials, goods or services related to the physical distribution of goods. Supplier members may certify a lab.

Testing: Any independent, third-party laboratory actively engaged in testing packaged-products in accordance with ISTA specifications. Testing members are also called Certified Labs.

ISTA's membership year begins January 1 and ends December 31. Members receive their renewal notice in November prior to the beginning of the membership year and renewal payments are due by January 31. For new members joining during the year, annual dues are pro-rated according to the quarter in which they joined.

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Jun 30, 2011 - 07:24 AM

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