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Will UPS accept testing done to ISTA Procedure 3A by a laboratory other than their own?

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UPS has their own testing facility, UPS Consumer Solutions, located in Addison, Illinois (USA). The lab's position on the acceptance of testing done by an outside test lab is straightforward:
" long as the testing is being perofmed in accorandance with the most current standard in an ISTA Certified Lab, UPS should accept the results. UPS will always reserve the right to inspect any damage so the customer needs to keep the damaged item and packaging to confirm. As long as everything is in order, they should be able to use that report in claims determination."

It is strongly recommended that an ISTA Procedure 3A testing done by an ISTA Certified Lab be submitted to ISTA Headquarters for review. Once a test report form has been submitted to ISTA the product manufacturer and the lab then have the added benefit of a third-party, unbiased review of the testing. Test reports should be accurate, detailed and very thorough; it is highly encouraged that photos of the package and the product - before, during and after testing - be included with the test report. In addtion, it is very important that all parties udnerstand UPS's current regulations and requirements listed in their Terms of Service, so complete compliance can be met.
Click here to review and download the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service (see Section 8).

US is a large corporation and it is sometimes difficult to communicate updates regarding procedures and policies to each account representative in a timely manner. If, as a UPS customer and ISTA, you feel your testing is not being given the proper consideration, please contact Meredith Dougherty at ISTA Headquarters for assistance (

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Jul 06, 2011 - 11:15 AM

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